The Essentials

The Most Remote Hotels in the World

If you hate dealing with crowds and really want to get away from it all on your next trip, here’s where you should consider booking a stay.

The Ittoqqortoormiit Guest House, a hotel in eastern Greenland, is the most remote hotel in the world. The population density of Greenland is 0.0 people per square kilometer. The hotel’s amenities include heating, a fridge, and many 90s DVDs. If you want to use WiFi, you’ll have to go to the town’s local recreation center.

If you’re looking for other remote hotels to stay in, check out Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia. After two flights and a 90 minute drive, you’ll be in your own handmade yurt, far from just about anything or anyone.

At Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, you’ll have to dive to get to your room. Your only neighbors will be angelfish and oysters.