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Radio Guest List–The Source Hotel and Marketplace in Denver, Colorado–March 9, 2019

Locations in this article:  Denver, CO

This week, Eye on Travel broadcasts from the new Source Hotel + Marketplace in the newly developed RiNo (River North) area of Denver, Colorado. Joining the show is Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who speaks about everything from the Denver International Airport to tourism’s real impact on the economy and everything else ranging from job creation to microbreweries. Speaking of job creation, Ed Sealover of the Denver Business Journal, shares an update now that Colorado has legalized marijuana. Patricia Calhoun, Editor and Co-Founder of Westword, on the RiNo art district. And Charles Leocha, President of Travelers United, discusses the current changes in global ticket distribution and why it’s going to be more difficult to comparison shop across airlines–what every airline passenger needs to know. And Musician/Singer/Songwriter Sarah Slaton stops by for a special performance. There’s all this and more as Eye on Travel comes from The Source Hotel + Marketplace in Denver, Colorado.


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Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado, joins the program to talk about hubs of revitalization. He chimes in on RiNo – an area that keeps reinventing itself – and its urban wineries, the farm-to-table work and more. He also discusses Denver’s current airport construction, the international flights leaving the airport, tourism-creating jobs and the new rules that microbreweries have to abide by when releasing beers.


Patricia Calhoun, Editor and Co-Founder of Westword, analyzes Denver’s warehouse district, its explosion over the last 10 years and what makes the RiNo area unique. She talks about all things happening with The Source Hotel, the Denver Art Museum and even affordable housing. Patricia then shares her top choices for breakfast in the city and the next up-and-coming art district in Denver.


Erin Spradlin and James Carlson, Owner and Operators of the Denver Graffiti Tours, speak about experiencing the neighborhood and the commercialization of graffiti – and all of the techniques and methods being used. They talk about how artists are being paid and commissioned for work more than ever now, and hear what they say about crush walls and installations.


Ed Sealover, Reporter for the Denver Business Journal, talks about the opening and closing of restaurants in the city, the rise of ethnic cuisine and struggle of restaurants trying to find voices in a city where being unique is a challenge. He expands on the biggest changes the city has seen, food trucks and the government requiring the approval of beer labels – plus a surprising fact about beer on tap. Ed talks about the food halls in town and shares what Colorado is doing now that more states are legalizing marijuana.


Sarah Slaton, Denver Musician, Singer and Songwriter, talks about touring around for three years and loving Denver, the best place to perform. Sarah talks about the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater and working her way up from open mics to getting paid.


Tracy Weil, President and Co-Founder of RiNo Art District, speaks to all the various art offerings in the RiNo area, the most cutting-edge gallery and the district’s alleyways. He chats about the RiNo Made Store and getting a map there to plan out your visit.


Jeff Osaka, Chef and Owner of Sushi-Rama, Osaka Ramen, and 12@Madison, shares why he chose Denver to settle down. He stresses the importance of knowing trends and discusses the concepts behind all of his establishments. Jeff talks about “conveyor belt sushi,” some of his concerns and a surprising statement about sushi.


Kyle Zeppelin, President of the Zeppelin Development, talks about the development’s beginnings and seeing potential in an unexpected place. He talks about creating the first urban market hall that paved the way for the neighborhood and the changes that came afterwards. Kyle expands on working-class housing, the transformation of the area (it doesn’t happen overnight or even in one generation), and his long-term hope for the development.


Charles Leocha, President of Travelers United, discusses the current changes in global distribution and why it’s going to be more difficult to comparison shop across airlines with different ancillary fees. He also explains the struggle of trying to maintain disclosure regulations for airlines and the controversial issues of why calling isn’t something that airlines want you to do.