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Where to Stay in Castles Instead of Hotels

Kinnity Castle

The next time you’re looking to book a hotel, think alternatively and aim for a castle instead. More and more castles are being converted to inns and hotels and their prices are competitive. In Scotland, you can stay at the 16th century Kilmartin castle for around $430 per night.

Gothic fans would especially appreciate Kinnitty Castle Hotel in Ireland, which was built in 1209. This castle is available for $320 per night.

In Germany, try the 13th century Schloss Sommersdorf Castle in Bavaria. The castle features fireplaces, armory and a clock tower. The minimum stay is three days, but the price per night is $180.

And what’s the bargain deal? Castel Pergine in Italy in the Dolomites has breathtaking views. And at just $80 per night, it also includes breakfast and dinner.