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Snowiest Cities in the United States

Locations in this article:  Buffalo, NY

If you’re worried about weather this year, you might consider which cities get the most snow. According to The Weather Channel, here are the snowiest American cities you can visit this season.

The fifth snowiest city in the United States is Boulder, Colorado. On average, it gets 87.6 inches of snow annually.

In the fourth place, it’s Buffalo, New York, which usually gets 96.1 inches every year. It’s followed by another New York city, Rochester at 100.5 inches.

The silver medal goes to Erie, Pennsylvania. Located in the so-called “snow belt”, the city usually gets 100.8 inches of snow every year.

And in first place, it’s one of the snowiest cities in the world– Syracuse in New York. During its snowiest season in history, in 1992-1993, Syracuse received 192 inches of snowfall. And that’s a lot of snow!