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Radio Guest List–The Year in Travel–December 29, 2018

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This week, Eye on Travel looks back–and forward–with a special year ender show–featuring some of our greatest hits and favorite guests. Peter also weighs in with his annual New Years travel resolutions–not wishful thinking, but angry traveler thinking including a list of must-do, much-needed initiatives and common sense ideas for 2019. We also look back at the year as Patrick Smith, Author of Cockpit Confidential, talks about the first fatality in the history of Southwest Airlines. Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor at The Independent, on the aftermath of the FIFA World Cup in Russia; Costas Christ, Editor at Large for National Geographic Traveler, on sustainable travel transcending generations. Lastly, Jacqueline Gifford, Editor-in-Chief at Travel + Leisure, on valuing experiences over material things. There’s all this and more on Eye on Travel, as Peter looks back at 2018 and wishes you a happy, or at the very least, happier new year.

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Patrick Smith, Author of Cockpit Confidential, discusses the first fatality in the history of Southwest Airlines. He talks about the media always needing a hero but that it wasn’t about heroics. It was about a crew doing what it was trained to do. He then discusses whether or not the plane was ever in danger of crashing and what was the scariest thing for passengers in that situation.

Felicity Aston, Author and the first woman to ski across Antarctica alone, tells the story of when she went down to the South Pole for the first time and how she decided to ski across the ice-capped continent by herself. She has a Guinness World Record to prove it. Felicity also speaks about why the communication process wasn’t always the safest method if she had to be saved and confesses what her scariest obstacles were. Then, she explains the common misconceptions people have about Antarctica and the routine that helped her get through the grueling trek.

Costas Christ, Editor at Large for National Geographic Traveler, joins the program to share information on a recent report that stated that 80% of post-boomers, millennial and gen-z declared their priority is sustainable travel that cares for the people of the location and delivers a good vacation. He shares why the travel industry is undergoing a revolution and how those that have been slow to respond are going to be left by the wayside. Costas also speaks on the major issue of plastic around the world and the problems it’s causing for the environment and animals around the world.

Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer and Director of the Fels Planetarium at The Franklin Institute, talks about the history of its location and how the institute promotes a safe learning environment. He discusses how in ancient times people didn’t have the distractions they do today, allowing them more time to discover things. He explains the advances in technology allowing everything from the moon landing 50 years ago, to SpaceX and Virgin Galactic (space travel tourism). He also talks about the telescopes at the Institute, the planetarium, and other features that make it the most attended museum in the state of Pennsylvania.

Bruno Serato, Humanitarian, speaker, author, owner, and chef of the historic landmark Anaheim White House Restaurant, talks about his experience of feeding 3,500 kids a night and how he doesn’t want to be remembered for anything other than his charity. He also shares how, with the help of the local community, he didn’t miss a single day of feeding kids—even when his restaurant caught fire.

Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor at The Independent, joins the program to talk about the aftermath of the FIFA World Cup in Russia including the visa process and why it’s bound to open up tourism to the country and why the tournament brought out the best in humanity. He then expands on Brexit, the difficult summer Ryanair is currently facing and London Heathrow’s new terminal.

Jacqueline Gifford, Editor-in-Chief at Travel + Leisure, speaks about the tremendous increase in expedition cruising and the reasons as to why it has been taking off. Jacqueline comments on how the world is getting smaller and how people are becoming more well-traveled and living longer lives that in turn allows them to travel well into their golden years. She explains that people are valuing experiences over things, something that she believes came out of the last recession.

Giulia Adelfio, Chief of Library of Congress Visitor Services Offices, explains that the library receives around 10,000 – 20,000 books and documents a day. She talks about the Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison buildings as well as the huge law library. Visitors who come to the Library of Congress lose the first part of the day just looking at the reading dome. She also shares some of the exciting things you might encounter while visiting the library.