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Travel Tip: Underwater Places to Go

Photo: John Bern,

Want to get away from it all?

While there are great walking and bus tours, there are a growing number of places you can explore under the water.

Baiae near Naples, Italy used to be a wealthy city in the 8th century. It’s a submerged archaeological park, where you can scuba and snorkel through its temples, baths and villas.

In China, you’ll find the ancient Lion City. The 1,300-year-old city was intentionally flooded by the government in 1959 to create a hydroelectric station. It’s now a great underwater site with temples, paved roads and…guardian lions at the gates.

Then there’s 5,000 year old Pavlopetri in Greece, which is perhaps the oldest known underwater settlement. Some of its original streets, houses and courtyards are preserved, and the water is clear and only 10 feet deep.


Photo: John Bern, Pavlopetri