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Travel Tip: Boarding Groups and Lanes at Gates–Will the Process Ever Get Better?

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If you’ve boarded a flight recently, then you know about the chaos at many gates–there can be as many as 10 different boarding groups for any one flight. It’s absurd. 
You’ll often spend 30 minutes boarding a plane because no one really knows what group to be in. Sometimes, it’s not boarding groups but lanes.
At United, it was up to five lanes for its flights. Now the airline has announced that it’s cutting its lanes from five to two at 1,000 of its boarding gates around the world. Will it work? 
I’m not so sure. The airline still has five separate boarding groups. And confusion will still probably reign. My suggestion, as elitist as it may sound, is just to have two groups–professionals and amateurs.

By Peter Greenberg for


Image Credit: Alessandra Taryn

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