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Travel Tip: Jet Lag and the Secret to Beating It

 Jet lag…everyone dreads it. 
And if you get it, jet lag can ruin any business trip or vacation. Many scientists argue that it is a genuine medical problem because the brain cells that regulate our circadian rhythms — think of them as our main clock that tells us when to wake up, sleep, or eat — are out of sync with the time zone we’re traveling through, or in. That then leads to daytime fatigue, indigestion and difficulty sleeping (not to mention, it also reduces mental performance). 
For me, I approach it differently. I don’t eat airline food or drink alcohol on flights. I drink plenty of water, and then no matter where I am or what time I land, I stay up until midnight local time. And I cycle easily.
I also repeat this schedule on the return flight. Try that on your next long-haul flight. It just might work. 
By Peter Greenberg for