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Travel Tip: Most Tech-Friendly Airlines

With the modern technologies, you never have to be bored or socially isolated even if you are 40,000 feet above the ground. Traveloka, an Indonesian travel services company, ranked different airlines based on their “tech-friendliness.”

Traveloka specifically looked at the quality and speed of on-board WiFi, the presence of in-seat power outlets and the possibility to make phone calls. So here are the results.

It appears that the most tech-friendly airline is Qatar Airways. Qatar offers the strongest WiFi for the lowest cost–$5 for the internet with a speed of eight megabytes per second (the first 15 minutes are free). Additionally, on-flight technologies allow passengers to text, make phone calls and watch live news while on board.

In second place is Emirates, which also permits its passengers to text, make calls and watch live news. Furthermore, travelers can buy one megabyte per second internet for $3 and charge devices with in-seat power outlets.

Number three is Delta Air Lines, which charges only $1.17 for 15 megabytes per second internet. All Delta passengers also get a free messaging service that lets them use iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp cost-free.

British Airways took fourth place for its high speed internet of 20 megabytes per second.

And number five is JetBlue, which is one of the few companies that offers WiFi for free.


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