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Radio Guest List–Granlibakken Hotel in Lake Tahoe, California–October 20, 2018

This week, Eye on Travel broadcasts from the nearly century-old Granlibakken hotel in Lake Tahoe, California. Mike Schwartz, Fire Chief at the North Tahoe Fire Protection District, joins the program to talk about one of the largest fires in California history. Katherine Hill, of Tahoe Weekly Magazine, on the cooperation between both California and Nevada to preserve Lake Tahoe… Bill Clark of SNOW, the Sierra Nevada Olympic & Winter Sports Museum, on the history of the gold miners and how they changed Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley forever. And, if you’re wondering about this boat, it’s called Star Dust, and it’s 84 years old. I got to pilot it around the lake and stopped over at the old boathouse (from The Godfather, Part II). So repeat after me…”Fredo, I knew it was you…” There’s all this and more as Eye on Travel broadcasts from the Granlibakken in Lake Tahoe, California.

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Mike Schwartz, Fire Chief at the North Tahoe Fire Protection District, joins the program again to talk about the largest fire experience in California since we last saw him and the busy fire season. He talks about rescue missions, the big role drones are beginning to play and the common mistakes made by hikers and visitors to the region.


Katherine Hill, Publisher of Tahoe Weekly Magazine, joins the show to talk about how Lake Tahoe has changed in the last 16 years, new opportunities and even falling into the lake a few times. Let’s just say that it’s chilly. She talks about the unique and rapidly changing weather, the cooperation between both California and Nevada to preserve the lake and what surprises people the most when they visit. Then, she dives into eating in Tahoe and why it has joined the “foodie” era and is now home to amazing eateries all around. She’ll also share her top pick for a pepper jam grilled cheese.


Captain Zach Stiemann from Thunderbird Lodge gives a brief history lesson on George Whittell Jr., his lion and the myths behind his mansion. Captain Stiemann also dives into the specifics of the Thunderbird boat, how fast it went and what airplane engines had to do with it. He’ll also talk about the notable names that have enjoyed a ride on the Thunderbird boat.


Bill Clark, Board President of the Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation for the Sierra Nevada Olympic & Winter Sports Museum (SNOW Museum), shares what has and hasn’t changed about the region and discusses the history of the gold miners and how they changed Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley forever. He talks about the region hosting some of the world’s first organized ski races and who the fastest humans on Earth were in the 1870s.


Stacy Caldwell of the  Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, speaks about opening grants to nonprofits. She also discusses the current problems that the Lake Tahoe area is facing including housing and forest health. Stacy then discusses how a healthy forest can stimulate the economy and how people can get involved and give back to the community. Then, she talks about the culture shock she encountered when she first moved here from Dallas.


Adrian Ballinger, Professional Athlete and Founder of Alpenglow Expeditions, talks about traveling the world for seven months of the year and why he’s happy when he gets to come home to Tahoe. He comments on the healthy respect for the wilderness in the region and why he encourages disconnecting from the outside world when you’re there or on any of his expeditions. Then, Adrian shares all the details about the recently opened Via Ferrata, which was located on a once-forbidden terrain in Squaw Valley and why it’s suitable for climbers of all levels.


Marnie Carr, the Executive Director of the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, explains some of the most interesting and surprising things about this museum – including the stories of the local black bears. The Australian-born turned Tahoe resident talks about having friends visit, what surprised her most about Lake Tahoe and what she loves most about the region’s history.


Calvin Mitchell, Searcher at the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue, talks about moving down from Juno, Alaska and what it was that convinced him to stay. Calvin also discusses the challenges of the searches and the terrain, communication, and educating people. Finally, he reveals what he often wonders after rescuing someone and the best advice he can give for someone who might get lost in order to ensure his or her safety.


Jenni Charles and Jesse Dunn of the Dead Winter Carpenters, talk about the meaning behind their band name and help Peter close the program by performing one of their songs. But first, they talk about what brought them out to Tahoe and some of their favorite places to eat.


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