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Travel Tip: Saving Money With One-Way Tickets

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Not that long ago, if you wanted a cheap, or perhaps cheaper flight, you’d book at least two weeks in advance and stay over that required Saturday night.
But thanks to airlines like JetBlue and Southwest, the rules have changed and many fares are actually lower. Why? That’s because of one-way tickets.
And in fact, the percentage of one-way tickets purchased by U.S. travelers went from 29% in 2014 to 44% this year.
And you can find some great one-way fares overseas as well. For example, a round-trip fare from London to Warsaw averages about $550 on most airlines. But a one-way ticket drops the price to $97.
Want to go from New York to Athens? Round-trip can be around $1,800. But a one-way often drops the price to $700, which is a savings of $400.
The one-way tickets also give you much more flexibility in your schedule, and you’re not hit with rebooking fees if you have to change your return flight.
One caution: Sometimes these one-way flights are not nonstop,  but the cost savings are often more than worth the extra stop.

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