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Travel Tip: A Look At Canceled Flights This Past Summer

It’s one thing to measure or try to measure an airline’s average on-time performance.
But the real defining metric is which airline does the best in bad weather. Which airlines cancel the most flights when the skies turn dark or the wind levels increase? The good news is that most airlines canceled flights at a lower rate this past summer when bad weather rolled in.
Many airlines adjusted crew schedules more efficiently ahead of storms, and nearly 82% of those flights arrived on time.
But other airlines, like American Airlines struggled in Charlotte, Chicago and New York.
Another poor performer was Frontier Airlines with only 62% of its flights arriving on time.
And the big surprise was Spirit Airlines. Last summer, Spirit canceled a whopping 1441 flights. But this summer, it only canceled 478, a great improvement.

Photo Credit: Matthew Schwartz

By Peter Greenberg for
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