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Radio Guest List – House of Rock in Santa Rosa, California – October 6, 2018

You can’t visit Santa Rosa without making the pilgrimage to the Redwood Empire Ice Arena, otherwise known as Snoopy’s Home Ice. This week, Eye on Travel stops by the arena and then broadcasts from the House of Rock. Joining Peter is Chris Coursey, Mayor of Santa Rosa, with an update on last year’s devastating fires that destroyed 5,000 homes in Sonoma County, and how the city is rebuilding. Travel Editor of The Wall Street Journal Scott McCartney with an update on shrinking bathrooms on planes. And Hugo Martin, from the Los Angeles Times, explains how airlines are looking to increase fees without officially raising fares. And then, of course….there’s Snoopy….and a lot more as Eye on Travel broadcasts from the House of Rock in Santa Rosa, California.

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Tony Gossner, Fire Chief of Santa Rosa Fire Department, discusses 2017’s devastating fires, the impacts these fires had on Santa Rosa and what it took to combat them.


Gray Rollins, Chef at Belly Left Coast Kitchen & Tap Room, talks about his experience traveling as a chef and the strange requests he has had on the road. He also shares how he worked as the personal chef for Linkin Park and how the band’s late Chester Bennington was the last person to leave at meet and greets.


Dylan Thuras, Author of The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid, shares what inspired him to write a travel book for children and why the world is bigger and stranger than we can imagine.


Jon Stout, Airport Manager of Sonoma County Airport, shares that the airport’s biggest challenge is to find funding. He also explains how the airport doesn’t use TSA but instead has a contractor for TSA.


Natalie Cilurzo, Owner of Russian River Brewing Company, talks about how craft beer is a relatively new industry that is now exploding all over the country. And did you know that hops used to be a cash crop?


Chris Coursey, Mayor of Santa Rosa, discusses last year’s fires that destroyed 5,000 homes in Sonoma County and preparation efforts for future fires. He then discusses the huge biking culture in Santa Rosa and also comments on Sonoma County’s SMART (Sonoma–Marin Area Rail Transit) train.


Hugo Martin, Travel Editor of the Los Angeles Times, explains how airlines are looking to increase fees without raising fares. He also discusses Southwest Airlines’ latest move of raising its early bird boarding fees.


Heather Irwin, Chief Fork at, discusses wine country cuisine and how it’s moving away from fine dining. She also brings up the farm to table movement and how the chefs in Santa Rosa are very involved in the process.


Scott McCartney, Travel Editor for The Wall Street Journal, gives an update on the shrinking bathrooms on planes.


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