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Travel Tip: States with the Lowest Life Expectancy

Each year, thousands of Americans change jobs. And in the process, they travel–often changing states.

Other than the job itself, part of the consideration of moving to another state may be its school system, its state taxes or its transportation grid. And now, the results are in on another metric–you might want to think about it– the U.S. states with the lowest life expectancy.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that the state with the third lowest life expectancy is Alabama at just over 75 years of age.

West Virginia is the second shortest on the list. Its about equal with the West Bank of the Middle East.

And the state with the lowest life expectancy, it’s Mississippi. It’s also the state with the highest incidents of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Can you guess the state with the highest life expectancy?

Can you say Aloha? It’s Hawaii, where on average, people live more than 81 years.