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Travel Tip: It’s Not Just Apple Picking Season

Photo: Pete Markham

Locations in this article:  Denver, CO

Fall is almost upon us. For a number of travelers, that means it’s almost apple picking season.

There are dozens of farms where you can pay between $10-$25 for an all-you-can-fill bag depending on the orchard. But each orchard varies not only in price but in availability of apples. The apples go fast!

What a lot of people may not know is that it’s also mushroom picking season. The Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon and Washington, is one of the best mushroom picking places in the United States. There are actually a few thousand types of mushrooms to pick.

For chantarelles, morels or puffball mushrooms, come to Colorado. These are the most common edible mushrooms in the Rocky Mountain region. Rocky Mountain National Park, Arapaho National Forest and White River National Forest are especially popular among Colorado mushroom lovers.

If you’re not an experienced mushroom hunter, hire a local tour guide who can teach you which mushrooms are edible and which aren’t.

Regardless of where you go, especially with the mushrooms, GMO-free is guaranteed. 


Photo: Pete Markham

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