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Radio Guest List–Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, Sweden–September 15, 2018

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This week Peter Greenberg Worldwide travels to the legendary Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, Sweden. Writer Doug Lansky joins the program with a report on the critical situation of overtourism in some of the world’s most popular cities and what some destinations are doing–or not doing–about it. Then we’ll talk about one of Peter’s favorite museums in the world–the Vasa, and the remarkable story of the sinking–and the raising–nearly 400 years later, of an intact warship right in the Stockholm harbor. Olov Amelin, Director at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, demystifies the Nobel Prize’s nomination process and also dispels some common misconceptions about the prize. Then, Michelin star chef Niklas Ekstedt speaks about the traditional and surprisingly analog methods behind his kitchen at Ekstedt: no electricity, no gas, just wood. There’s all this and more as Peter Greenberg Worldwide comes from the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, Sweden.


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Doug Lansky, Travel Writer and Acclaimed Keynote Speaker, joins the program to discuss overtourism in some of the world’s most popular cities and what some destinations are doing–or not doing–to solve the problem. Doug then compares living in pricy Stockholm to an all-inclusive hotel and explains why it’s a wash compared to the United States. He also discusses things you can do around Europe that’ll provide a skeleton key to opening up the local culture and get you “swimming among the sharks.”


Niklas Ekstedt, Restaurateur, Chef and Owner of Ekstedt in Stockholm, speaks about the analog methods behind his Michelin-starred kitchen: no modern equipment, no electricity, no gas, only wood. Niklas explains why he chose to have Ekstedt operate this way and shares one dish that reflects this traditional, 1700s-style of cooking. Then, he talks about the influences of Swedish cuisine, a signature dish inspired by the indigenous people of Scandinavia and his favorite kind of wood to use while smoking fish.


Julieta Spoerer, CEO and Founder of The Newbie Guide to Sweden, speaks about adjusting to life in Sweden–what’s different and what works–from a local’s perspective and the things that surprise people that move to the country the most. Julieta also breaks down a common misconception about Swedish people and explains why integrating yourself into a society that operates differently on a social level can be challenging. Also, she shares the story of a lady from Mumbai and what this woman did at home to prepare for the Swedish cold.


Olov Amelin, Director at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, explains the Nobel Prize nomination process, the length of the nomination process and why only the committee knows who the nominees are. He tells the story of all the Nobel winners and shares who one of the most surprising Nobel Prize winners was and why said winner couldn’tcome and accept the prize.



Jill Leckie, Founder of  Little Bear Abroad, talks about the foundation of the parental guide when there was no English-speaking resource available for families moving to Sweden. She also shares what she thinks is the biggest surprise for people who come to Sweden–not everything is as expensive as expected. She expands on Sweden’s enviable work-life balance and how it promotes time with family.


Jacob Jacobson, Head of Collections Unit at the Vasa Museum, talks about the history of a remarkably preserved 392-year-old ship, what surprises people the most about the museum and what surprises him the most. He still get goosebumps when he walks in. He speaks about the technology that the museum has implemented to preserve the ship with humidity and the temperature-controlled atmosphere.


Celine Fierro, Co-Founder at StockholmFood, speaks about the current trends in the Stockholm food scene and the impact vegetarian food is having in the city’s local food culture. Celine also shares her favorite place in the southern part of the city for a fresh breakfast along with her go-to lunch and dinner recommendations. In Stockholm, you can find seasonal veggies and a great chef inside a photography museum.


Olow Frank, Head Concierge at the Grand Hôtel Stockholm, chats about the robust food scene and his favorite places in town for a good meal. Plus, he reveals the areas in the city’s food scene that could use some work and what kind of food you can get in this city that he reckons is among the best in the world. He also talks about Scandinavia’s love affair with bicycling and the best places to see in Stockholm on a bike.


Pia Djupmark, General Manager at the Grand Hôtel Stockholm walks Peter through the landmark of a hotel’s 150-year-old history and shares insight as to why it was built in the first place. Pia also speaks about the hotel’s iconic smorgasbord and what makes it stand out. She reveals the notable figures that have stayed at the hotel and the mission behind the renovation that the hotel just went through. Then, she shares the story of the two bears that used to roam its lobby.


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