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Travel Tip: The Worst U.S. Cities for Allergies

Photo Credit: Adrien Pingstone

Locations in this article:  Denver, CO Louisville, KY

Travelers with allergies already know the bad news–there’s no off season for problems.

There’s tree pollen in spring and summer and ragweed in fall. And then there’s dust and mold in the winter months.

But now the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has determined the worst U.S. cities for allergy sufferers, and so you can at least prepare for your next trip.

McAllen, Texas has the highest allergy index score–which indicates a high pollen count and a large amount of allergy medication prescribed.

Louisville, Kentucky came in next as the U.S. worst allergy-triggering city. Are you going to the Kentucky Derby? Louisville is especially bad in May thanks to a very high amount of tree and grass pollen.

Are you looking to better your allergy odds? Then head for Denver, Colorado. The Mile High City ranks best for the lowest allergy index score. 

Photo Credit: Adrian Pingstone

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