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Travel Tip: World’s Most Reputable Countries

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

When was the last time you booked a trip based on the ethics and values of a country?

Well, the latest rankings are out–issued by the Reputation Institute–of the world’s most reputable countries.

The institute surveyed nearly 60,000 people from countries with the highest gross domestic product and evaluated each social environment, economy and the effectiveness of each government. The measurement is less about a country’s beauty but rather, its friendliness.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that 15 out of the top 20 most reputable countries are European.

Topping the list is Sweden, followed by Finland and Switzerland at number three.

The only non-European country to make the top of the list is New Zealand, which came in fifth.

And where does the U.S. stand? It’s not good news. We’re at number 34, wedged between Brazil and India. Even Peru and Indonesia beat out the U.S.  By the way, Canada weighs in as the seventh most reputable country.

And near the bottom for reputation are Turkey and Israel.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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