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Travel Tip: Hotels with Unusual Designs or Themes

Welcome to the brave new world of cutting edge and independent hotels that truly distinguish themselves either because of a unique design or theme.

How about the Library Hotel in New York? Every floor corresponds to a category from the Dewey Decimal System–anyone remember that?  You can stay on the history, technology or religion floor. You get the picture.

Want something a little more daring in design? How about the Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island in Canada? You actually stay inside giant spheres hanging from trees about 14 feet above the ground. The adult-only rooms feature five windows and built-in speakers. The acoustics are incredible.

Have some airborne fantasies? Buckle up and spend the night at the Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica– you’ll be sleeping inside a vintage 727. This 1965 restored narrow-body features a terrace with an ocean view. 


If you want to be closer to the water, you can sleep underwater at the Manta Resort off the coast of Tanzania.

On the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, you’ll find a hotel that looks like it has been destroyed. And that’s the intention. It’s the Shipwreck Lodge. On the outside, it looks like a wreck. But inside, the 10 solar-powered rooms have showers, WiFi and views of the sand dunes as well as the Atlantic. I seriously doubt this place plays Castaway as the in-room video. 

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