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Travel Tip: LGBTQ Travel

National Pride Month just concluded as different cities around the U.S. celebrated love, diversity and equality.

But when it comes to travel, the LGBTQ community still has problems. According to a report by the World Tourism Organization, 32% of the LGBTQ community feels it is treated differently because of sexual orientation while traveling.

Homosexuality remains illegal in 72 countries. Among them are Jamaica, India, Qatar, Singapore, Lebanon and even Barbados. And in some places like Nigeria, Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, the legal punishment is death.

One of the key cautions for LGBTQ travelers is to research local laws in your destination. And be careful with public displays of affection. This also includes hotel behavior.

In countries like Uganda, it’s advised to reserve separate rooms. If you want to minimize the chances of discrimination, you might want to head to Iceland, the Netherlands, or Sweden. These countries are among the most LGBTQ friendly countries in the world.


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