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Travel Tip: Space Tourism

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At least seven different space tourism companies are about to greet their first clients, and each company has its own proposal ranging from building space hotels and providing space transportation to offering exploration to the moon and back.

For the moment, space tourism is going to be a very pricey suborbital experience. And let’s get real. Even the monkey that the Russians launched more than 55 years ago went into orbit, and you won’t. So don’t plan your moon vacation yet. But if you want to experience Mars on Earth, there are places to go where you can feel just like you might on the Red Planet.

Sun City Camp Hotel in Wadi Rum, Jordan, offers its guests a real Mars on Earth experience. In April 2018, the hotel opened its first martian domes–spaceship-styled tents with glass walls surrounded by panoramic martian views of the desert and mountains.

Mars Desert Research Station in Utah is a facility simulating a Mars mission. It is based in Southern Utah Desert, which is geologically similar to Mars. The researchers and crew members wear special oxygen suits, grow their own food in the GreenHab and recycle their waste water. Funded by NASA, it’s also a place where you can volunteer to work.

Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the driest places on Earth. NASA uses the desert to test its life-detecting equipment. If NASA can find life there, it might also find life on Mars. But it’s the sky in the Atacama Desert that’s the big attraction. It’s famous for its observatory that offers one of the most unreal stargazing experiences on Earth.

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