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Travel Tip: States with the Worst Road Conditions

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If you’ve done any driving lately, you don’t need me to tell you that America’s roads need a lot of work. And just about everyone thinks his or her state’s roads are the worst.

Recently the American Society of Engineers gave American roads a “D” grade. But the engineers also issued a report card listing the individual states with the worst road conditions.

Not surprisingly, the worst three locations are on the East Coast. Coming in at number three is Rhode Island, where 54% of its 16,691 miles of public roads are in poor condition.

Thinking of driving in Connecticut? Get ready to replace your shock absorbers because the state took second place with bad road conditions. Connecticut has more than 21,500 miles of public roads and 57% of them are badly out of shape.

And topping the list as the state with the worst roads is–actually, it’s not a state–Washington D.C. While the District of Columbia only has 1507 miles of public roads, a whopping 95% of them are in poor shape. 

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