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Travel Tip: The Longest Cruise Trips

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Most people who take cruise trips will spend a week on the ship. A smaller number might even opt for a 10-day or two week cruise.

Some–who have about 20 to 45 days free–might book a repositioning cruise, which happens about twice a year when a cruise ship needs to move from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean or from the Caribbean to Alaska.

And then there are those who book the ultra luxe, ultra expensive and ultra long world cruise trips that often last 90 days.

But now, Viking Cruises has announced the most epic cruise–an around the world cruise that will last 245 days. That’s a record. And the voyage will stop in 113 ports in 59 countries and will visit every continent except Antarctica. Want to know the cost? The cruise, which begins Aug. 31, 2019, starts at $92,990 a person.

And when you think about it, that’s a bargain. It works out to about $380 a day, including your meals.

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