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Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems of the Palm Beaches

Locations in this article:  The Palm Beaches

When you think about Palm Beach, Florida, certain stereotypes prevail–the high net worth resorts, homes and estates, wealthy retirees, exclusive boutiques, big golf courses and private jets. Yes, that’s all part of the image. But what many folks don’t realize is that it’s not just Palm Beach. It’s the Palm Beaches with so many surprising sides of this part of South Florida…the real hidden gems of the Palm Beaches.


Lake Worth

It’s home to over 1,000 historic buildings and while it may be more low key than some of its high-profile neighbors, it’s also the heart of the Palm Beach art scene.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is a quintessential beach town with the longest main street in Florida. It’s filled with boutiques, restaurants and galleries. Despite being upscale, it manages to maintain a small-town charm.

The Palm Beach International Raceway

The facility hosts a number of motorsports events throughout the year, but it also has different driving schools—like “hooked on driving”—and whether you’ve done a little racing before or you’re a novice, you can get hands-on experience with a professional driver.