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Travel Tip: Travel Agents, Booking Websites and Liabilities

You book your next trip through a travel agent and then, when at the destination, you’re a victim of a crime or get injured while on a tour.

What are the liability issues? A number of travel agents were accused of not warning their clients of potential dangers while visiting some foreign countries. And some popular booking websites were also charged with not sharing risks to dangerous destinations.

The law is clear on this. The legal standard is that if the travel agent or online travel agent is aware of certain specific risks and dangers and does not inform you of this at the time you make your booking, they can be liable for damages. But remember, it’s a two way street.

You are also responsible for doing your own research on certain destinations before you go. Then, have a conversation with a travel professional and confirm that conversation in writing so that everyone is on the same page. Some travel agents might ask you then to sign a disclaimer that confirms that you were told and are aware of specific risks.

But if the agent or the online travel agency doesn’t alert you to known and specific problems, you may have some legal recourse if you later get into trouble. 

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