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Travel Tip: Signs of North Korea’s Future Tourism

Image Credit: Mannen av börd

As the world waits for the historic meeting between Kim Jong-un and President Trump, the North Koreans aren’t wasting any time trying to enter the greater community of nations, especially when it comes to travel.

Image Credit: Mannen av börd

They are already taking significant steps to open their doors to travelers and build a tourism economy. On April 29, 2018, North Korea announced that it would shift its clocks forward 30 minutes to unify with South Korea time. It may seem like a conciliatory gesture, and it is, but it’s a clear sign that things are changing.

An even more important indication is North Korea’s appeal to the World Civil Aviation Authorities to open new air service between the North and the South. Quietly, the North Korean government is beginning talks with the private sector in Germany, Spain and Switzerland to begin  building a new tourism infrastructure–hotels, airports and resorts–in order to turn the once closed country into a tourism destination.

Don’t rush out and get your visas yet, but there’s every indication that the doors may open soon.

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