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Travel Tip: How a Seagull Incident Banned a Hotel Guest for Life

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In recent years, as more and more hotels become no smoking, the same hotels are posting signs with warnings of a steep room cleaning fee for any guest who ignores the rules and smokes in their rooms.
In fact, hotels can come after you if you in any way damage a room to make you pay for repairs. Take the case of the seagull incident.
A guest had just checked into a hotel and was admiring the view from his high floor window. It was such a lovely day. And so he opened the window to let the fresh air in. Then, he ordered a pizza. He ate half of it and then went downstairs to take a walk.
Uh oh….
While he was out, a seagull saw the pizza in the room and then alerted a lot of other seagulls. And by the time the man returned to his room, it had been….destroyed. It was literally slimed, it smelled, and to make matters worse, he couldn’t get the birds to leave.
Well, you guessed it. The guest had to leave, and the bill for everything, short of a hazmat team, to fix the room was enormous. Oh yes, he was also banned from the hotel for life. So whether you’re a smoker or a pizza eater, remember, if you damage the room, you’re inevitably going to have to pay for it.
So keep those windows closed, and don’t smoke.

Photo taken by: Leonardo Stabile

By Peter Greenberg for
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