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The Travel Detective

The Travel Detective: Hotel Bathrooms 

So what’s your idea of a great hotel? How do you define it? Do you start in the lobby, the bar, the restaurant or even the health club? I don’t think so. Most of you would pick the guest room. But don’t just stop there. The real key to figuring out a great hotel room, in fact a great hotel experience, starts in the guest bathroom.

Think about it. In a hotel, bathrooms are the first place we go when we wake up and the last place we visit before we go to bed.
And if they’re done right, bathrooms can make you feel… like royalty.
I’ve seen shower heads that mimic rainfall, video controls in the bathtub, a television screen and even a “valet box” that lets you alert housekeeping when you’ve got some dirty clothes.
Whether it’s a double-basin sink outfitted with the finest linens or a three-foot shower head that’s built for two, nothing beats a well-done bathroom.
It’s not that I don’t care how comfy the bed is or how many pillows you’ve got. I’m a guy who likes all the pillows I can get. But it really starts and ends in the bathroom. If the hotel bathroom works, guess what? So does the hotel.
By Peter Greenberg for