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Travel Tip: Pet-Centric Hotels

There are a growing number of pet-friendly hotels, the places that allow responsible guests to bring their dogs and cats. There are also pet-centric hotels, the places that already have pets on their premises, and in some cases, they will actually loan you their pet.

For years, at the Ritz Carlton in Bachelor Gulch, Colorado, there was Bachelor, the hotel’s golden retriever. The dog was loaned out to guests on a regular basis but proved so popular that the hotel had to limit the loan out program.

And at Kimpton Hotels, guests would find a pet goldfish in their rooms upon check-in. But now, Kimpton has removed the goldfish. Why? Because studies showed that the fish became depressed because of lack of space and stimulation. The hotel promises to replace the goldfish, but no decisions have been made as of yet. In the meantime, they could always make the rooms larger and more exciting…just a thought.

By Peter Greenberg for

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