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Excess Baggage: Messy Planes

Do you ever wonder why some planes are late leaving the gate?  

Some might suggest it’s because they arrive late to the gate. That’s not always the case. Usually, they arrive on time. The problem sometimes is that planes arrive full of garbage left by previous passengers, and they’re too messy. Passengers can leave so much stuff on the plane that it takes cleaning crews extra time to mop up after them.  
In the case you will see in this video, cleaning crews are cleaning a 737 that should take 15 minutes, but it’s taken them about 25 to 30 minutes.  
The cleaning crews had to replace all the items that were taken by previous passengers, such as magazines. And they have to clean up all the garbage that previous passengers left on the plane.  It’s not just the stuff on the floors. It’s not just the stuff in the aisles. It’s the stuff inside the seatback pockets. 
I don’t care how good the cleaning crews are. They can’t clean up everything. So whatever you do, don’t make it worse by leaving your trash in the seatback pockets before you leave the plane!
By Peter Greenberg for