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Travel Tip: Look at Airline On-Time Performance

There are so many ways to at least try to determine if your flight will be on time.

There are apps that constantly update. There are some historical models to check – like the U.S. Department of Transportation’s monthly report on on-time performance that lists the biggest offenders by individual flight numbers and routes. If your flight is late 88% of the time, that information certainly helps you to know that before booking that flight.

But there’s another way to look at an airline’s on-time performance. What type of equipment is being used on your flight? Reliability varies among aircraft type. It’s all about age and frequency of maintenance issues. For example, an Airbus 320 has an on-time arrival rate of 76%. A Boeing 747? It’s down to 74%. One surprise — the relatively new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is slightly above 73%. The older MD-80 and 88 models are down to 69%, and finally the Boeing 767 is at the bottom of the on-time list at 65%.

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