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Travel Tip: Bermuda’s Latest Social Change

On Feb. 7, 2018, Bermuda shocked the travel industry by announcing it would no longer make legal same-sex marriages in their country. The fallout from that decision has been cold and loud. 

Many groups announced a boycott of the country, but the problem with the new Bermuda ban is actually more wide-spread. Some cruise lines like Carnival have many of their ships registered in Bermuda and because of that, the Bermuda flagged Carnival ships are no longer allowed to host same-sex marriages on board, not just in Bermuda but the world. It wasn’t long before Carnival itself added its name to those groups protesting the Bermuda government ban.

The cruise line has announced that it’s standing with the LGBTQ community in Bermuda to oppose any actions that restrict travel and tourism. So far, Bermuda is sticking to its decision but some hoteliers are reporting a drop in occupancy and the long-term economic impact may be strong enough to get Bermuda to reverse its decision.


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