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Travel Tip: How Many Airlines Are Improving Business Class

While many airlines are cramming more and more –and– narrower seats in coach, some airlines are also focusing on making business class more comfortable, more plush, more luxe–especially on long-haul flights—and adding privacy features as well.

On Delta’s new airbus 350 aircraft, every business seat comes with a sliding glass door. Qatar Airways has the Qsuite, which has walls that push down for four travelers to dine together or for a family to interact together. Those same walls can then pull up for individual movie watching or uninterrupted sleep.

American Airlines has announced a new partnership with Casper– the company behind the mattress in a box. Casper will provide the bedding for passengers who fly in their business class and first class seats. United has already been using bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue so that you can sleep or attempt to sleep in style.