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Travel Tip: Keep Up with Airline Disclosures

In the last eight months, a number of airline passenger rights we have come to expect have either been ended or are being challenged by the airlines. 

First, there’s transparency in pricing. In the last days of the Obama administration, the Department of Transportation ruled that airlines had to fully disclose, on the same website where they advertise their initial fares, the total price you might end up paying for things like checked bags, a meal or any taxes or additional fees. That would help consumers more accurately budget their real travel costs. But within the first few months of the Trump administration, the Department of Transportation removed that requirement.

Then there’s the issue of the 24-hour rule. In the recent past, you could make a reservation and have 24 hours to pay. It’s about to get worse. The airlines are now lobbying the Department of Transportation to eliminate the 24-hour rule.

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