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Travel Tip: How to Enjoy Traveling Alone

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Solo travel is booming. It’s estimated that one in four Americans will journey alone this year. But it’s one thing to travel to a destination alone. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to experience it alone.

In order to help the solo traveler, there are many websites and apps that claim they can help solo travelers once they arrive. is a website that allows you to choose your interests and shows you events. It encourages experiences for like-minded travelers who will also be in the same location. is a social networking website that will help you find fellow travelers that are going to the same destination. can get you not only a free walking tour but perhaps some new friends on the tour around the city that you’re visiting. One of my favorites is — a website that connects hand-selected local hosts with individual travelers for different, specialized eating experiences — and they can range from eating an Italian feast with a family in Rome to an intimate cooking class in Tokyo.

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