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Eye on Travel

Radio Guest List–The Breakers in Palm Beach County, Florida–April 7, 2018

Locations in this article:  The Palm Beaches

This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from The Breakers in Palm Beach County, Florida. Joining the program is Patrick Smith ( with a news update on airlines around the world, including low-cost Asian airlines. Historian and author Rick Rose (Palm Beach: The Essential Guide to America’s Legendary Resort Town) with his take on why Palm Beach is so different from the rest of Florida (not to mention the world), Joe Brancatelli ( on the continuing fallout from the United Airlines dog incident. Then Anthony Sicignano, Executive Chef of The Breakers, with the secrets from the hotel’s eight separate kitchens. And Michael Mackey, Palm Beach County Fire Chief, on the best  places where his firefighters like to eat…There’s all of this and more as Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from The Breakers in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The Breakers

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Frank Cerabino, Author of Shady Palms and Palm Beach Post Columnist, gives his reasons to move and stay in Palm Beach and what the best season to be in Florida is – it’ll surprise you. He also shares why Boca Raton is a place for people trying to replicate the New York experience and the surprising skill strippers in Palm Beach need to have.

Roberta Sabban, Manhattan native and Food Writer for the Palm Beach Daily News, explains why Palm Beach is one of the best places she has lived. She shares her favorite restaurants and how the food scene and people’s tastes have changed in the last 25 years. Roberta talks about local sustainable seafood, the local, old-fashioned dive breakfast and her favorite “secret” lunch spot.

Michael Mackey, Palm Beach County Fire Chief, shares his favorite local eateries in the area, including a place fire chiefs and policemen frequent. He then talks about the challenges of working in South Florida and the local fire codes that are helping to keep people safe. He also reveals the surprising amount of calls that the county receives a year.

Joe Brancatelli, Executive Travel Editor and Founder of, suggests which airlines you may want to check out for lower fares. He also discusses the recent United Airlines’ dog death incident and wonders why people give any airlines their pets or their children. Joe also advises that the minute you have to connect, because large airlines love running you through a hub these days, it doubles the risk for a misconnect, accident or misplacement.

Anthony Sicignano, Executive Chef of The Breakers’ restaurants, discusses changes at The Breakers over the last 24 years and how its eateries grew from three to nine. He then reveals the dish he’d thought would be a hit but wasn’t and also the one that surprisingly became their top seller.

Rick Rose, Author of Palm Beach: The Essential Guide to America’s Legendary Resort Town, Historian and Hotelier, shares the history of Florida and reveals his reasoning for why Palm Beach is different from the rest of the state’s resort towns. He also shares his thoughts on the best time to come to Palm Beach and why it can be one-third of the regular price.

Patrick Smith, Airline Pilot, Author and Travel Blogger, discusses a gigantic, low-cost carrier in Asia that many Americans may not know about. Smith also shares his insight on why wide-bodied planes appear to age better than commercial airlines.

Althea Drummond, Chef and Owner of Kersmon Caribbean Restaurant, reveals some of her cooking secrets. Drummond talks about how her grandmother influenced her love for the authentic Jamaican cuisine that is now served at her restaurant in Palm Beach.

Tricia Taylor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Breakers, shares The Breakers’ traditions and why the hotel is an entirely different place from what it was like in the 90s. She also reveals the most bacteria-laden item in the hotel room and what object the hotel maids clean the least– and it may surprise you.