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Travel Tip: How to Avoid Getting Sick on Planes

It’s hard to avoid germs on a plane.
While it may seem inevitable to get sick while traveling with others who are sick in such close quarters, there are still some ways that you can stay further away from the germs that a plane brings.
Research published by the National Academy of Science indicates that the best seat on a plane to avoid getting sick is the window seat. The reasoning is that by sitting in a window seat , you are less likely to come into contact with another sick passenger or member of the flight crew so the further you are from the aisle, that research — not to mention a good dose of common sense — suggests that the better off you will be. 
Also, make sure you go to the bathroom before you board your flight. That way, you can avoid the need to crawl over other passengers next to you. By not sitting in an aisle seat, you can avoid anyone’s germs crawling over you. A window seat is also good because you can avoid any bathroom goers who inadvertently touch the aisle seat when they come back from the bathroom in order to get to their own seat.
And don’t forget that it may also be helpful to close that air vent above your head.
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