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Peter Greenberg Worldwide—AmaKristina River Cruise Ship in Amsterdam, Netherlands—March 31, 2018

Locations in this article:  Amsterdam, Netherlands

This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from the AmaKristina riverboat in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Joining the program is Chairman and CEO of Virtuoso, Matthew Upchurch, on changes in travel patterns and travelers’ expectations and the responsibility of sustainability in tourism. Mina Solanki, Editor of IAmExpat, discusses the expat life in the Netherlands and her special secrets of Amsterdam. Gertjan Broek, from the historic Anne Frank house, talks about one of Amsterdam’s enduring (and smallest) attractions and the history they are still discovering there. Co-founder of AmaWaterways Kristin Karst talks the explosion of river cruises, new ports, and the new, more active river cruiser. There’s all of this and more as Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from the AmaKristina River Cruise Ship in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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