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Travel Tip: When A Nice Airline Comes in Last

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Remember the old saying that nice guys come in last?

I really try hard not to believe it, but then there’s the story of British airline Monarch.

Last March, the UK-based company decided to be nice.

The airline instructed its counter and gate agents to give automatic upgrades to passengers who were simply nice.

What a great idea. Good manners were being rewarded in an industry that many felt had lost that concept.

The 50-year-old airline said it was enacting the policy to promote the traditional values of chivalry, courtesy, and respect.

But did the program work?

For a few months, yes. But what about revenue for the airline?

In October, Monarch failed, stranding 110,000 passengers, prompting a massive repatriation effort by the British government to bring its citizens home.

I can guarantee you that no one got upgraded on those flights.

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