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Travel Tip: Things to Keep in Mind When Booking A Cruise Cabin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Are you thinking of booking a cruise?

Destination and itinerary are important, not to mention the fare.

Then there’s your cabin—almost everyone wants an outside cabin, or one with a balcony.

But that’s not the only consideration when picking your cabin.

It comes down to two things: center of gravity and noise.

First, center of gravity. Pick a cabin midship.

If you’re closer to the bow, you’ll be pitching more in rough seas.

The cabins with the least motion are the cabins inside and midship.

You won’t have a balcony or a view, but you’ll rest more comfortably.

After all, other than showering and sleeping, you’re not spending much time there anyway—and it’s less expensive.

To protect against any unwanted noise, check out your ship’s individual deck plan.

Don’t pick one under the disco, the pool deck, or the gym. Basic common sense prevails.

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