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Peter Greenberg Worldwide—The Rubens at The Palace in London, England—November 18, 2017

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This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from The Rubens At The Palace in London, England. It’s a hotel whose history is ingrained in more than three hundred years of hosting royalty, (it was even an army headquarters during World War II). This week, Roger Dow, President and CEO of the US Travel Association, reports on the decline of inbound foreign travel to the U.S. for a second year in a row, and what it means, not just to the economy, but to us as travelers. National Geographic‘s Costas Christ talks about the dangers of over tourism in some of our favorite, most loved destinations in the world. Speaking of hot spots, Lonely Planet Editorial Director Tom Hall tells us his picks for the globe’s must visit places for 2018. On the flip side, Farhad Heydari, International Executive Editor of American Express magazines, talks about the tourist hot spots that dropped off the radar and may be making a comeback. David Hoskings, Director of the Treadright Foundation, talks about travel and philanthropy, ranging from used hotel soap to the real and positive impact tourism can have on communities when it is responsibly managed. There’s all of this and more as Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from London at the Rubens at the Palace.

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