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Travel Tip: Will Your Flight Be On Time? Check the Type of Aircraft

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The next time you want to know if your flight will be on time, it might not be enough to check the departure board or the weather at your departing location or your arrival destination.

One of the determining factors that often gets overlooked is what kind of aircraft is operating your flight.

Are you flying on an Airbus 320? Then you’ve got a better chance of being on time.

The A320 has the top arrival time—76.5 percent of the time.

But if you’re on a 757, the on-time arrival percentage drops to 70 percent.

What about a Boeing 767? That drops all the way down to 65.3 percent of the time.

What’s the worst performing aircraft for on-time arrival? The recent 747, at just 63.1 percent of the time.

So now you know.

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