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Travel Tip: The Stories Behind Three Travel Industry Lawsuits

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Welcome to the brave new world of litigious airline passengers.

A Canadian man sued an airline because it advertised a champagne toast for passengers on board.

It’s affectionately called The Prosecco Case.

Once in the air, the airline did indeed have a toast, but it served sparkling wine instead.

What was the result? A lawsuit.

Delta Air Lines has been hit with a lawsuit after an airline snack apparently resulted in thousands of dollars of dental work.

A woman ordered pita bread with aubergine dipping sauce on a Los Angeles-bound flight.

She claims she bit down on a pebble in the food.

The airline offered her about $80 worth of mileage coupons.

Instead, she sued for about $10,000, claiming complex dental restoration.

Then there’s my favorite.

A passenger aboard a Celebrity Cruise ship later sued the line, claiming she didn’t meet one celebrity.

You can’t make that one up.

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