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Radio Guest List—One Aldwych Hotel in London, England—November 11, 2017

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This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the iconic One Aldwych Hotel in London, England. The One Aldwych sits opposite Waterloo Bridge, in one of the most important Edwardian buildings in London. Though speedily built as the new home of the Morning Post newspaper, the building was designed by famed architects Mewes and Davis, and combines Edwardian elegance and Parisian charm. The building has a storied history: After housing the Morning Post, it also welcomed several illustrated publications, and played host to the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Works, Prudential Assurance Company, and Lloyds Bank. This week, Peter Greenberg is joined by Leila Packer, a curator at The National Gallery, London, who discusses the National Gallery’s monochrome exhibit. Christopher Wood, Founder & Campaign Director of Flying Disabled, talks about his advocacy efforts on behalf of the wheelchair-bound in regards to aviation. Susie Ellis, Chairwoman & CEO of the Global Wellness Institute, drops by to discuss wellness tourism: the idea of traveling to improve your health. There’s all of this and more as the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the One Aldwych Hotel in London, England.

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Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor of The Independent, discusses United Airlines’ retirement of the Boeing 747. He also talks about passenger issues after Monarch Air ceased operations, leaving tens of thousands of travelers stranded, in addition to Ryan Air’s massive staff shortage that resulted in the cancellation of 20,000 flights—leaving passengers in a lurch.

Christopher Wood, Founder & Campaign Director of Flying Disabled, talks about his advocacy efforts on behalf of the wheelchair-bound in regards to aviation. He believes that similar to other businesses, airlines need to design planes to accommodate the disabled—and the airline industry is beginning to put serious effort into accessibility with ideas like slip seats, where aisle seats can move and wheelchairs can easily pass through the aisles.

Leila Packer, Curator at The National Gallery in London, discusses the Gallery’s monochrome exhibit, the first major exhibition to trace the history of black and white paintings from the 12th century to today. She believes that black and white allows you to see the paintings in a different way without the distraction of color. The exhibit begins with black and white stained glass, and ends with a light installation in which the museum-goer becomes black and white.

“Nomadic Matt” Matthew Kepnes, The New York Times Bestselling Author & Blogger, talks about his new book—the third Edition of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. He discusses his basic philosophy of traveling on a budget, which is to live the way you live at home—take public transportation, eat in when you can, and find free entertainment. He finds Cambodia to be a great bargain destination, where one can travel for about $19 a day because accommodations and meals are very inexpensive, while it’s nearly impossible to travel to Switzerland, Norway, or Denmark for $50 a day because of the high taxation in these countries.

Steven King, Editor-at-Large for Condé Nast Traveller, talks about Shanghai, a destination he loves, which has become an art mecca. He also discusses the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, which he believes to be one of the great hotels on Earth. His pick for a hot destination for 2018 is what he thinks is an overlooked corner of France: Cognac.

Trisha Andres, Commissioning Editor of Telegraph Travel, discusses the rise of solo travel—now at about 12 percent. As taking solo holidays has become an emerging trend, some cruise and tour operators have begun to offer single room options—or will arrange for travelers to room with another passenger of the same sex. There are also now more options for solo passengers to meet up with groups as they travel alone.

Sasha Wilkins, Founder and Editor of Liberty London Girl, talks about a 1,500-mile driving trip that she did in Northern California, visiting some of the parks that people tend to overlook, such as the Lassen Volcanoes, which only receive about 300,000 people each year. She also discusses a fundraiser that she is doing in her home for Shelter Box, a charitable organization that she believes is doing great work by providing vital aid and immediate shelter to victims of natural disasters.

Dominic Teague, Executive Chef of One Aldwych, discusses the hotel’s restaurants and his decision to have a gluten-free and dairy-free restaurant. Before changing the menu, he knew that he needed to perfect the bread if it was going to be gluten-free. He did a lot of experimenting and research, and it has been met with great success. To his great surprise, one of the most popular items on the menu has become the gluten-free fish and chips.

Susie Ellis, Chairwoman & CEO, Global Wellness Institute, discusses wellness tourism: the idea of traveling to improve your health. Wellness tourism is growing faster than tourism in general, and it provides travelers with an opportunity to experience healing traditions from different cultures. Wellness tourism is not just for the elite in the way that spa vacations had always been thought of as vacations for the rich. The treatments go beyond generalized massages, scrubs, and facials, and they are local and indigenous to where you are traveling.

Courtney Scott, Travel Expert for Expedia, Filmmaker, Blogger, and TV Host, talks about vacation deprivation and the days and weeks that people leave on the table every year by not using their vacation days. Even when people do take vacations, they often don’t really unwind because they are still checking their voicemail and email. She suggests travel to places like the Galapagos or places in Mexico where there is no connectivity so that travelers are forced to relax. Courtney’s suggestions for places to visit this winter are in the Caribbean: Jamaica, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, and Florida—to support hurricane recovery efforts.

Anne Binging, Founder and CEO of Healing Hotels of the World, discusses the idea behind Healing Hotels of the World, which is to connect travelers with hotels that offer holistic and transformative programs. Their clients complete questionnaires which include medical, personal, and lifestyle history, and are assessed so that a program is created to meet each person’s individual goal.

Simon Hirst, Managing Director at One Aldwych, talks about the past and present of the One Aldwych hotel, which is now 20 years old. Built to be a modern classic that is comfortable and practical, the hotel is currently looking at ways to reinvent itself and encourage new markets through food and drink. Next year, it will also be updating technology and bathrooms to remain contemporary yet elegant.

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