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Radio Guest List—Special Midsize City Broadcast—October 28, 2017

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When travelers think about where they want to visit within the United States, how many opt for a large city? There’s much more to discover beyond cities like New York and Los Angeles. This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide takes a look back at midsize cities around the country. The first hour of the show comes from Norfolk, Virginia, where City Historian Peggy McPhillips talks about how the city’s waterfront has shaped it from the past to the present. The second hour will feature Syracuse, New York, which has cobblestone streets and 24 nationally registered historic places. Frank Barrows, Overseer of the Harriet Tubman Monument, will talk about the lesser-known side of this historical hero. We’ll finish in York, Pennsylvania, a historical city undergoing a cultural renaissance. Scott Fisher, Engagement and Opinion Editor for the York Daily Record, will join the show to speak about how millennials are moving back to York, and touched on the increase in great culinary and cultural options. There’s all of this and more when Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from three midsize cities in America.

Click here to listen to the show streaming from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

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Hour one of the show comes from Norfolk, Virginia, which boasts over seven miles of Chesapeake Bay beachfront. The city is home to the world’s largest naval base but has so much more to offer, including The Virginia Opera, the Virginia Symphony, the Chrysler Museum of Art, the National Maritime Center, and a world-class Botanical Garden. There’s also more than 144 miles of shoreline along the city’s lakes and rivers, for visitors looking to get outside. In this hour, Norfolk City Historian Peggy McPhillips joins Peter to discuss Norfolk history, the city’s water proximity, and how this has helped build the Norfolk of the past and present.

Hour two of the show was recorded in Syracuse, New York. While often overshadowed nationally by New York City, Syracuse serves as the economic heart of central New York. With beautiful cobblestone streets, 24 nationally registered historic places, a bustling university, and a well-developed nightlife scene, there is something for everyone in this midsize city. In this hour, Peter Greenberg will be joined by Frank Barrows, Superintendent of Fort Stanwix National Monument and Overseer of the Harriet Tubman Monument, who discusses a lesser-known side of the historical hero. Sean Kirst, the author of The Soul of Central New York, drops by to talk about Syracuse’s darker history and share the harrowing experiences of some of the city’s early settlers.

Hour three comes from York, Pennsylvania, an historically rich city undergoing an exciting cultural renaissance. York holds the honor of being known as the snack food capital of the world. York has been a bedrock of the United States since before the country existed, even serving as the birthplace of the Articles of Confederation. Geographically, the city is an easy drive to Philadelphia,Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, and over 40 percent of North America’s population lies within a four-hour drive. York loves to celebrate, and each year it hosts A Taste of York City and Yorkfest, a summer arts festival. The city houses an Agricultural and Industrial Museum, a Fire Museum, and the Colonial Complex where visitors can learn about the York of the 18th century. In this hour, Marc Charisse, the director of the Hanover Heritage Conference Center, joins Peter to discuss more about the central Pennsylvania Heritage of York County. Scott Fisher, the Engagement and Opinion Editor for the York Daily Record, will also join the show to speak about why York is a great central destination, and the renaissance that the city is experiencing. He notes the trend of millennials moving back to York, and the increase in great culinary and cultural options.

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