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Radio Guest List—Branson, Missouri—September 30, 2017

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This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from Branson, Missouri, a city with its own unique history and culture. Mayor of Branson Karen Best discusses Branson’s growth and the new attractions on the strip. Editor-in-Chief of Branson Foodie Magazine Tamara Styer talks about the diversity that has come about in the Branson food scene. CEO of Ballparks of America Hamilton Chang talks about how Branson has become a baseball hub for kids around the country. There’s all of this and more as the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from Branson, Missouri.

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Joshua Clark, Entertainment Writer at Branson Tri-Lakes News, recalls that he came to Branson with his dad after his parents got divorced. He remarks that Branson has a small town atmosphere and that with only 10,000 people, it’s all about the connections you make. He also talks about the misconceptions about the city and how it has changed in the last twenty years and his favorite things to do in Branson.

Ted Martin, Fire Chief at Branson Fire Department, reveals that he started as a volunteer firefighter. He shares that 70 to 80 percent of calls are medical and that they work to upgrade their codes constantly. He expresses that it’s all about reducing risks and making Branson a safe place. He also discloses that their biggest challenge is growth and that they need to meet their service delivery needs.

Karen Best, Mayor of Branson, shares with us what brought her to Branson in the first place. She talks about Branson’s growth and explains that there’s a lot to do since there are new attractions on the strip. She notes that people always want to come back to Branson after visiting once. She also suggests going to the Ozarks.

Scott McCartney, Travel Editor at The Wall Street Journal, expresses how surprised he was at how many people got stranded because of the hurricane. He also discusses the tremendous confusion on St. Thomas and the events that occurred. He adds that airlines and airports started shutting down earlier and a lot of people were left behind, and many were desperate to get on a boat and leave. He also talks about a new small passenger plane with wide coach seats, where you can still get by while the flight attendant is in the isle. He explains that the plane is designed to give passengers a more comfortable experience since the width of the plane is extraordinary.

Steve Friedlander, Vice President of Big Cedar Lodge, discusses how Branson golf is different than anywhere else. He reveals that a third course has just opened and that a Tiger Woods design is coming. He remarks that people in Branson are always happy, smiling, and friendly, and explains that the beauty of the area is mind-boggling and that he always finds himself surrounded by nature.

Mary Kellogg, Co-Owner of Titanic Museum, talks about the six million dollar expedition to the Titanic and explains that the concept of the museum is to pay respect to the people that didn’t survive the event. She notes that it’s an emotional experience to visit the museum and that it’s been 20 years since the James Cameron’s movie Titanic came out. She discloses that of the ten dogs that were aboard the Titanic, three survived. She also recalls how she went from being a producer in LA to building a Titanic museum in Branson.

Emma Hamilton, General Manager of Bigfoot on the Strip, discusses the new amusement park dedicated to Bigfoot. She recommends going on the Gravity Bomb, a free fall ride that drops riders from the highest point in Branson in about three seconds, making it an extremely exhilarating experience. She also talks about the Bigfoot Action Tower, one of Branson’s newest and most thrilling attractions.

Ethan Davis, Historian at Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum, talks about the expansive history of the Ozarks. He discusses armadillos the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. He reveals that Abraham Lincoln’s lock of hair is amongst the museum’s peculiar exhibits and explains why they have it.

Andrea Feczko, Television Host, discusses her new show “Vacation Creation” and how traveling is helping families going through tough times. She shares with us the most challenging story she’s featured on her show and talks about travelling solo. She expresses that it’s important to share your traveling experience on social media to connect with others since travelling is meant to be shared.

Tamara Styer, Editor-in-Chief of Branson Foodie Magazine, talks about the diversity that has come about in the Branson food scene and reveals that there’s authentic Mexican food in Branson. She speaks about becoming more health conscious and discloses her favorite breakfast place in town. She gushes that she loves going to dives and eating at places that don’t claim they’re the best.

The Knudsen Brothers, Contemporary A Cappella group, share with us what brought them to Branson and what’s keeping them here. They tell the story of how they became an A Cappella band and reveals that they do about 230 shows a year. They also perform a song,

Mark Schafer, Museum Director at Wonders of Wildlife, explains that the museum is unique to the conservation and preservation of animals, including elephants and giraffes from Africa, the Arctic, and the Ozark.

Hamilton Chang, CEO of Ballparks of America, talks about how Branson has become a baseball hub for kids around the country. He explains that the facility features replicated neat elements from five iconic stadiums, allowing kids to come with their buddies and bond over a week of baseball. He also remarks that the most fun he had is playing pickup games with different kids from all over the country.

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