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Radio Guest List—Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui, Hawaii—August 26, 2017

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This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui, Hawaii. The Royal Lahaina Resort stretches across the world famous Kaanapali Beach. With gardens and oceanfront cottages, it evokes a quaint beachside atmosphere reminiscent of Hawaii’s Plantation Era. This week, Attorney General of the State of Hawaii Douglas Chin talks about the travel ban and discrimination against Muslims. Executive Director of Maui Tomorrow Albert Perez discusses the importance of regenerative agricultural tourism which helps offset carbon gas emissions. Underwater Marine Photographer David Fleetham shares his views on the huge endemic population of fish in Maui. There’s all of this and more as the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui, Hawaii.

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Douglas Chin, Attorney General of the State of Hawaii, talks about the travel ban and discrimination against Muslims. He reveals that nothing really changed in the revised ban and that travel is only up because of major discounts. Hawaii is a welcoming place of Aloha and he needs to remind the current administration that Hawaii is a state. He explains that people are afraid they wouldn’t be let back in after they leave the country.

Norman Estin, Founder and Medical Director of Doctors On Call, discusses the travel pack he’s created, which is the size of an Altoid box. He recommends getting a mosquito repellent that has the active ingredient DEET and suggests to always pack Aspirin or Tylenol when you travel.

Beverly Gannon, Hawaiian cuisine chef, restaurateur and author, joins the show to talk about her restaurant, Hali’imaile General Store, and how it went from a gourmet take-out food shop to a restaurant known by many all over the world.

George “Keoki” Freeland, Former Executive Director at the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, discusses Lahaina’s several eras, their respective history, and the massive change that has come about from the transition from the plantation era to the tourist era they’re living today.

Scott McCartney, Travel Editor for The Wall Street Journal, shares his views on flying small in Hawaii. He explains why Alaska and Hawaiian airlines are ranking so highly and why people are loving Air Canada.

David Fleetham, Underwater Marine Photographer, shares that he has seen ocean life plummet in the last 30 years. He recalls when shark feeding began, but notes that a lot of restaurants have banned shark fin soup. He reveals that Maui county has shallows, which attracts more humpback whales. He then talks about the huge endemic population of fish in Maui and that the turtles have grown accustomed to people here.

Barry Flanagan, Singer-Songwriter and Founder of World Music Group HAPA, performs a song in Hawaiian. He discusses guitars that were brought in over a century ago and re-tuned to sound like kettles. He remarks that the language is dying and HAPA helps preserve the Hawaiian language. He also talks about Kenny Loggins playing on his first record and chicken skin music—music that makes your skin prickle because it’s so good.

Andy Doughty, Author of Hawaii Revealed, recalls that he walked a lot to make these books. He goes on to share that the best stuff is not apparent from the road and that it’s important to keep looking and finding new things. He also talks about the black sand beach and reveals that Lindbergh’s grave is accessible—and that he wants to be buried there when he dies.

Albert Perez, Executive Director of Maui Tomorrow, talks about the importance of regenerative agricultural tourism, which helps offset carbon gas emissions. He mentions that the enforcement of environmental regulations doesn’t always happen. He goes on to explain that tourism has helped Maui recover from a downhill slide and that without tourism there’s no economy. He also reveals that the private sector is getting its act together and opposing more development.

Kimo Falcone, Owner and President of MauiGrown Coffee, remarks that the agriculture has changed here. The last sugar plantation shut down in January of this year. He talks about how he loves the science behind coffee and explains why coffee is the next big thing.

Gibert Sablas, Guest Service Manager at Royal Lahaina Resort, discusses the change in technology in the last 49 years. He emphasizes the importance of sharing stories with people and remarks that the Hawaiian culture is all about storytelling. He shares that he likes to go free driving, even at the age of 79.

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