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Travel Tip: New Technology You Can Use While You’re Traveling

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In a world of ever-growing, fast-moving technology, new gadgets and applications for travelers are booming.

Some are welcome, while others are actually quite alarming in real world scenarios.

Let’s start with an application that really works.

It costs about $4, and for travelers, it’s an app whose time has come.

It’s called Dark Sky.

It knows your exact position on the globe, down to your street address.

Within a matter of seconds, it gives you cutting edge, up-to-the-minute weather information, not just general forecasts.

For example, an alert might say “heavy rain will start in eight minutes.”

Even better, another alert might read “rain will stop in six minutes.”

It’s that precise, and allows travelers to plan their trips, and prepare for them more precisely.

Then, if taking selfies isn’t annoying or dangerous enough—people fall off cliffs or they’re hit by trains or cars while posing—there’s a new drone for folks who want even more dramatic selfies.

The ROVA Drone. For $300, it takes 360-degree video and still photos above you.

Just try not to fall off the cliff.

You’ve been warned.

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