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Travel Tip: How You Can Prepare for Your Next Cruise

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If you’re planning a cruise this summer, it pays to plan and pack wisely.

I’m someone who believes cruise ship balcony cabins are overrated—and almost always overpriced.

Book a middle inside cabin on a lower deck.

It’s more about finding the ideal center of gravity and there’s much less pitch and roll.

Plus, you’re only there to sleep and shower.

Don’t bring alcohol on board.

Believe it or not, cruise lines forbid this, and even have groups called “liquor retention teams” to confiscate your store-bought booze and hold it for you until the end of your cruise.

The reason is simple: one of the big profit centers on a cruise ship is alcohol sales.

But don’t think filling water bottles with vodka will fool these teams.

They know that trick.

Here’s what you should pack: duct tape.

It fixes everything from a torn suitcase to helping close one that’s overstuffed with your purchases.

Also, sign on to services like WhatsApp, so you can message and call friends and family without expensive phone or data charges.

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