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Peter Greenberg Worldwide—Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia, PA—June 17, 2017

Locations in this article:  Philadelphia, PA

DSC00284This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the new and fascinating Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia was one of the crucial hubs of the American Revolution, and this museum explores the dynamic story of the American Revolution using its expansive collection of art, manuscripts, and printed works from the Revolutionary Period. This is history presented in an interactive way. Immersive galleries and recreated historical environments engage people in the history and continuing relevance of the American Revolution. Historian Sandy Lloyd talks about Robert Morris’ contribution to the Second Continental Congress and the city’s committed ongoing fight for equality. Irene Levy Baker, Author of 100 Things To Do in Philadelphia, shares with us the best off-the-brochure food Philadelphia has to offer. Mike Solomonov, the winner of the James Beard Foundation Award for best Chef, talks about his innovative menu items at Zahav (especially the bread!). Philadelphia’s Fire Commissioner, Adam Thiel, reports on his favorite meals (and we’re not talking cheese steaks or pretzels!), and Sean Kelley from the Eastern State Penitentiary discusses the history of the former prison, the cruelty of solitary confinement, and the special “Terror Behind the Walls” experience. There’s all of this and more as the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

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